It’s the 21st Century and new forms of communication are discovered everyday. Almost everything is becoming digitized, and is stored in various forms of media. As a student, being connected is important. I share, store, create data, and in the process, I can gain more knowledge. This is a beautiful thing because we are experiencing more, learning more, and contributing more than we have ever been able to. Technology is here to stay, and it is important to plug in and stay connected as we explore more of its capability.

Advertising (ADV) 420 is a course that offers more to the social media experience. It creates a platform for professionalism, while utilizing some of the most influential social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. in order to establish and promote some of the most important skills to survive in this technological world. This course is about connecting and promoting oneself, and in the process of earning my New Media Driver’s License, I am engaging in a wide variety of programs that will provide the capability for professional success. Therefore, through this course I will be digitizing professions.

Stay Connected

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